What We Do

Consultation Process

From your first consultation, experience and treatment in our spa you will notice that we are different.


Our education and expertise in the field combined with our passion and commitment to each individual is where we are unique.  We take the time to get to know your face, from the inside out, as each of us has a different history and facial structure.  We treat your face as we would treat our own.  We take pride in your happiness and satisfaction in the process.


We are experienced in each step of rejuvenation.  We pride ourselves in setting realistic and attainable expectations of the procedures and the experience. Using the facial thirds system is a baseline in all that we do. Maxillofacial work in our sanctuary setting is where you will find your comfort and peace of mind.  We explain the different degrees of permanence and help our clients understand each and every step we take, whether this is your first procedure or your 15th.


We use minimally invasive techniques and let the power of your skin do as much in the healing process as the procedures themselves.  We accomplish this by understanding your concerns and pairing our knowledge of practice with every detail of your face.  We understand what your skin goes through in a very intimate way.  External conditions and exposure over time play a major role but so to your genetics play an equal hand. In every circumstance we take the time to understand what will help improve the outward appearance of your skin and what also will heal your skin from the inside. In any recovery process there are important steps along the way that we pay close attention to, we will be there with you in each and every step, helping you understand the how’s and why’s, the when’s and most importantly, we listen to you. This is the Lilje difference.

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