Frequently Asked Questions


  • What does Lilje mean?

    In harmony with the locale of Poulsbo, it is an Old Norse word. The tiger lily logo evokes a vibrant, wild bloom that grows in unexpected settings. I remember a solitary tiger lily I saw on my first wilderness hike as a child and it made an impact. It introduced me to the discovery available to the observant; the surprising, refined beauty of nature in our care.

  • Does it hurt?

    I have personal experience in that I learned to do treatments on patients long before I ever underwent any injections myself. When I did, the experience was eye-opening! Injection technique, needle quality, anesthetic type (topical cream, ice, an injection to numb a whole facial area), music, environment, and an individual’s perception and tolerance level all matter. My skillset and credentials allow me to offer the option of precise blocks to numb whole areas of the face prior to treatment, if desired. Always, always ice. Ice is a simple miracle that is often all that is needed. Some people find topical prescription anesthetic cream to be very helpful. Many products today contain some local anesthetic, which means that for a few hours after the appointment, there is very little sensation of the gel being there. On the other hand, some people have sensitivity to local anesthetics so lidocaine-free products are available.

  • How long does a procedure take?

    This is a great question.  Since Lilje is based on concierge medicine concept, the most time will be spent in consultation and listening  to advise a plan supports the desires of the client/patient at the outset, and will get the most effect for the purchased amount of any fillers and neuromodulators used. Most procedures themselves actually take only a few seconds to minutes. Evening and weekend scheduling makes the most of the very limited personal time most people have.  Touch-ups and repeat treatment visits should be described in three words: effective, private, efficient.

  • What products do you use?

    Because there are so many new products competing for the injectables market, and an upswing in sophisticated counterfitting, I use only vetted manufacturers and products with a history of safe use and robust scientific trials.  The foundation of my practice is Galderma’s Restylane, Allergan’s Juvederm and Botox, and Monoject single-patient-single-treatment sterile-packaged syringes and needles. I do not use the quick-dulling insulin syringes (universally orange color) or tuberculin syringes popular at “botox parties” that are intended for one single injection only.

  • Is this useful for men?

    Men have unique treatment needs and, in general, prefer a subtle approach to facial rejuvenation. Their muscles have different activity.  Men will appreciate the refreshing, clean environment and a large, stable, ergonomic treatment chair that supports humans up to 6’7″ in total comfort.

  • How long do your Botox treatments last? Do I have to keep coming back forever?

    Neuromodulators such as Botox vary greatly in their duration between patients, depending on a person’s unique intensity level of muscle activity. Careful evaluation of the individual and the area of treatment can help create the longest interval between treatments, and reduce the building of resistance to the material.   Some patients desire re-treatment every couple of months, some once or twice a year, and some people may only visit once, ever, for a single special event such as reunion or wedding.

  • Do you remove moles?

    Although I am a board – certified maxillofacial surgeon with hospital surgical privileges, Lilje Poulsbo is a concierge medical spa limited to the art of injectable enhancement and rejuvenation.

  • I have heard stories of people who got “addicted” to cosmetic procedures and ended up looking unnatural. Will this happen?

    It takes training and experience to create a natural, balanced appearance for an individual. I help people develop an analytic eye for their expected results and make sure we are both involved in careful planning before, during and after treatment.

  • I had cystic acne. I have tried many procedures. Can the scars ever really be comprehensively treated?

    Yes. There have been many recent advances in both materials and technique. Please come in for a consult.